Celebrating Keirra's Birthday at the Red Sox - Yankees Game - Bartley Financial Advisors
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Celebrating Keirra’s Birthday at the Red Sox – Yankees Game

Red Sox game

Celebrating Keirra’s Birthday at the Red Sox – Yankees Game

My daughter Keirra and I went to see the Yankees and Red Sox for Keirra’s birthday. Wow what a game! Chris Sale was incredible (I took the pic!). The game was 1-0 Red Sox until the 9th inning (those damn Yankees!). We stayed through the 11th inning (of a 16 inning affair) because Keirra had a long drive ahead and had to work early the next day. What a day hanging out with my youngest child! She is just awesome to hang out with. A fun drive in, walk to the park, great game, Sweet Caroline “So Good, So Good, So Good.” ???? Then a pedicab ride through the streets of Beantown. I highly recommend parking at the Pru for $18 with your ticket stub. What a great day, It doesn’t get much better than this, truly Living My Life on Purpose!

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