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Lack of Goals = Stress

What are your goals?

Lack of Goals = Stress

Let me ask you a question: Do you get a pit in your stomach when you think about setting goals?  Do you have trepidation?  Even get discouraged?

We are fast approaching that time of year again when people around the world think about this very thing.  Whether you have succeeded historically in meeting your goals is directly correlated to whether you will succeed in the future.  Well, that is if you tell yourself that.

You don’t have to say it out loud. I’m referring to that little voice in your head that says: “You failed before, so what makes you think you are going to win this time?”  Some of us avoid goals altogether because of that inner voice, the fear of failure, or because we convince ourselves that we are too busy for goals.  Sometimes it’s easier to just go through the motions. What if a lack of goals could cause an equal amount of stress as having no goals at all?

I recently read a blog piece of a high school friend who is a Health Coach and what she said really resonated with me.  She argues that a lack of goals which you are committed to contributes to your stress levels.

Whoa! This had never occurred to me. It made me think back to Bob saying that he has seen firsthand clients completely relax after working on their Financial Road Map, a process assisting them in the organizing of personal and financial goals and tasks. The feeling of “we’ve got this” is extremely powerful, and there is a dramatic shift in perception once you do feel that way.  The ability to take a deep breath, relax and surge ahead is priceless.  It frees us up to enjoy other things in life that are important to us and allows us the space to live our lives on purpose.

Wherever you are in life- whether it’s raising children, helping to raise your grandchildren, just gearing up in your career, or preparing to wind down and enjoy the fruit of retirement, I challenge you to think about and re-evaluate your goals. Start with small goals and turn them into habits; repetitive actions, which your mind doesn’t challenge, just like turning on auto-pilot mode.

Back to that little voice in your head … Tell yourself: Slow and steady wins the race. Christine Carter PH.D, author of The Sweet Spot“, suggests when working on making a habit, “Ditch your ambition to do everything impressively.”  She likens us ambitious ones to Aesop’s hare when we should really create habits like Aesop’s tortoise.

I also would like to add: Be forgiving to yourself. Whether you are working on a new exercise routine, eating healthier, getting more sleep, saving for a dream vacation, keep in mind that no one is perfect.  Don’t let a few mess-ups make you ditch your plan, avoid setting up new goals, or prevent you from asking for help.  If you find that you are stuck, don’t give up! If you experience a set-back, perhaps it’s a good time to re-evaluate your goals. I recommend breaking down a larger goal into smaller, bite size pieces.

Keep in mind that there is help in the world of technology that may assist with working towards your goal(s).  If you use a smartphone or tablet, Momentum is available for free and the habit list is available for a small one-time fee.  I set up my app to remind me to set out my gym clothes the night before, which makes for an easier time in the early am and helps keep me on track towards my fitness goal.

Make YOU a priority today! Move forward with your goals and reduce your stress. Take some time to set up a goal or two and remember that even big goals can be achieved when you take them one step at a time.

I will leave you with a quote from Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Bianca Roberts